Mobile Vehicle Inspections Victoria

Does Your Mechanic do Mobile Vehicle Inspections in Victoria?


It can sometimes be difficult to get a proper inspection done when buying a used car. You need to find time for the buyer to drive the car to the auto shop at a time when the mechanic will be available, and the seller may want to be there as well. Some sellers do not even want the buyer to drive the car off to the shop alone, so it becomes necessary to coordinate at least 3 different schedules. Considering how busy most people are, this can be nearly impossible!


Fortunately, some shops are now offering mobile vehicle inspections in Victoria. This is wonderful for people on the run, or for sellers who do not want their cars driven by strangers. Since a thorough inspection can take quite some time, it also lets the seller relax at home as the inspector works. Often, the buyer does not even have to be present.


This may worry some buyers, as they might fear that the report will be biased if it is done at the seller’s home. That is where independent vehicle inspectors come in. Some companies focus purely on pre purchase and safety inspections, so there is no fear of a pre existing relationship between seller and mechanic.


It is always a good idea to have a thorough inspection done on any used car before purchasing it, so it can be wonderful to have mobile vehicle inspections in Victoria. This service is so simple and convenient that you will never drive your car to an inspection again!